holiday gift guide : stocking stuffers for kids and adults

i always find the stocking stuffer gift guides to be the hardest because i have too many ideas and i can’t stay focused on any of them haha — but here it is! lots of ideas for grownups and for kids! hope this helps you!

stocking stuffers for kids 

a classic yo yo is a cute stuffer for kids but some adults i know too $14

a really pretty silk streamer that would look so cute in a stocking $14

this wooden fidget toy is cool — could be for kids or adults! $10

some really sweet temporary tattoos $9

lip balm in the shape of a burger and fries! $9

we love bop it, even izzy plays with it during diaper changes lol $36

these sensory blocks are so cute! $5

we loooove these japanese candy kits. they are the most fun $8

the cutest shark chopsticks (that are so easy to use) for kids — arlo loves his!! $8

the cutest little harmonica — we have this and arlo loves it $18

i love little gifts that add to a collection — that’s why i love the yoto player because we can continue to gift him story cards to go with it! (we have the regular yoto but i think the mini seems better because the regular one is kinda huge)

i know no kid ever said they were bored, but just in caseeee this pack of activity cards $10

a very cute little kazoo $8

for the younger ones, these little toothbrushes are so pretty! $13

if they wear crocs, how cute are these under the sea charms?! you may know my child was quite the under the sea fan haha $14

we love all of our candylab trucks and these are tiny and make the perfect size for a stocking or advent! $20

we have one of these drawing boards and arlo loves it so much, not sure if it would fit in a stocking but still!! $20 for 2

a 20 pack of cute hair clips in tons of colors! $9

we have this sticker book — and its so fun! so many stickers in here that arlo will use it for an entire restaurant meal. very worth $5!

you know why i like this — a view master in white!! but this one comes with a custom reel, which could be so cute of family photos!! $35

and if you don’t want to go the custom route — this viewmaster is totally cute too $24

cute bandaids are always a good stocking stuffer because they need them and you can get them something they’re into! we love these monster bandages but i’ve also gotten him sesame street, llamas etc! $18

we love “guys” in our house and have hundreds, but if you don’t — i love these guys! very cute little wood family and they have flexible arms $35

ella + mila nail polish in a cute lavender color $8

multicultural skin tone washable markers! there are only 8 colors but i think this would make a great stocking stuffer $7

and for the older kids — watercolor pencils $25

the most beautifully designed deck of cards for kids by oliver jeffers — it’s go fish, concentration and snap — we haven’t gotten to the proper playing of these but arlo loves them $13

the sweetest little figurine set — i got these for izzy! $13

i mean what has happened to me — you know i love beautiful things but i just know a farting poop pen would make my child happy too hahaha wow i’ve changed $15

these bath bombs come in the cutest colors and smell really good too $30

i mean what kid wouldn’t want play doh slime in their stocking? $16

a book to fill out with reasons you’re grateful for them, so sweet $12

bath crayons would be cute too $24

you cant have a stocking without candy canes inside and i feel like these slightly “better for you” ones can be tough to find in the store $15

this charades game is designed for younger and older kids! $7

these glass straws would be so fun for older kids but adults are allowed to use them too $17

fun kids chapsticks! these were designed for the kids who can’t leave your chapstick alone so maybe grab a few to throw in $10

stocking stuffers for adults

i’ll probably never stop including maldon sea salt flakes on gift guides because it’s such an easy gift everyone would use $6

i freaking love this japanese barbecue sauce and use it all the time — it’s like a teriyaki soy sauce kind of taste, i love it and sometimes i just put it on a rotisserie chicken $8

a very cute set of colorful fiberglass chopsticks $8

reusable bamboo face pads with a cute little zipper pouch for washing them $15

ok i am obsessed with these gradient post it notes — i love them and use them all the time and yes it may be a boring gift but boring in a good way!!! $7

what grown-up wouldn’t want zit patches?! these work soooo well. they’re expensive but they WORK. i will say the packaging seems super excessive and i wish they would change that $14

am i a broken record about these slim power banks yet?! they are the best ever — every cord you need built in and you charge it in the wall so you don’t need to deal with any cords! $34

these smiley socks are just fun — $13 for a pack of 5

i love practical gifts for stocking stuffers that they’ll actually use — we love this sunblock. it’s high SPF and goes on really thin $32

another great practical gift — this necessaire gel deodorant has been working well for me! this one is the eucalyptus scent but you can also get fragrance-free $18

these retractable cable organizers are so cool and come in cute colors! $7 for a set of 3

i love practical, but something fun is always good too — such a cute indecisive keychain $15

a bottle of date syrup! this stuff is good in coffee and as a sugar substitute $10

for the overworked parent — these shower steamers sound great $30

a fun little desktop mini bowling set $12

pillow mist is such an easy way to upgrade your nighttime routine $10

these cute geode state ornaments! especially sweet if they’ve moved to a different state! $18

if i haven’t already persuaded you in the past to buy one of these apple tv remote covers, buy them! they make finding the remote actually possible and they make it a lot easier to hold too, way less slippery and they have a wrist strap! $9

air tags are a great gift for anyone but especially those who are always losing their keys, etc — $87 for a pack of 4

this is a cool-looking brain teaser ball that could work for adults and kids $10

i think a pen multi-tool set would be a great gift for all the gadgety guys in your life $14

gid has oily skin so i got him this and he uses it all the time! so much better than the sheets $9

a simple thoughtful gift for anyone that eats avocados — avocado huggers! dishwasher safe too $12

another office supply, but i have MISSED mechanical pencils since i was a kid, they’re not .05 like i loved, but they’re .07 and they’re pretty too!! $6

i did a lot of practical gifts for the adults but minimal uno!! $9

and less minimal but so beautiful uno!!! $20

this lighter is the best!!! it’s long enough to fit into candles, and instead of butane it’s electric, so you just charge it and it works forever! i love it a lot $10

i am obsessed with these cheek/lip balms — they are perfect for travel/throwing in your bag and i just use them all the time $28

an instant-read thermometer is a total game-changer $18

if they like hot sauce, here’s a great mini hot sauce pack! $13

i love this tinted lip balm for just a touch of color $10

this little herbes of provence + crock would make a great stocking stuffer for any cooks you know $18

the prettiest silk eye mask ever $26

some really pretty playing cards $15

i love twice toothpaste, this whitening pen looks great $28

a serum stick for smoothing fine lines and brightening the face — love all things tatcha! $49

some men’s marl calf socks, these look so warm $14

hey look — nice-looking nail clippers! these are made of steel and come with a nice leather carrying pouch, how fancy $28

this light trick magic set would be so fun — there’s an adult version and one for older kids, too $22

i already put another pill organizer on a different gift guide, but these are beautiful and compact and would totally fit in a stocking! $6

super hydrating oil balm and it smells really great too $16

for the first time in my whole life, when i get pedicures now they don’t suggest i need extra callous removal because i use this foot file, i mean!!! $15

because who among us doesn’t need a razor burn roller? $26

this phone grip is cool and comes in different colors $11

a very sleek stylus pen $20

some hair claw clips — love the pattern and shape of these ones — $15 for 2

deodorant wipes in some fresh scents $17

this is such a pretty travel jewelry case! $40

aaand some really nice travel hand cream $11

i’m always adding ideas to my amazon favorites list as well! more ideas here

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  1. Thanks so much for doing these gift guides, they are really super helpful!

  2. Love the items on this list, so thank you! Just gonna gift some stuff to myself. ?
    Have you tried any other zit patches/stickers?

  3. Thank you so much. Your gift guides are so helpful. I’ve ordered at least 5 of your picks.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. seriously, thank you so so much. these are by far the best gift guides out there. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  5. as soon as i finished reading this post I pulled the trigger on the minimalist UNO and a set of the avocado huggers for two lucky people on my christmas list, and i will likely be back for more. thanks, molly!

  6. These gift guides are perfection! Love ???

  7. minimal uno?! are you kidding me?! amazing. it’s so beautiful!!! lol

  8. This is hands down one of the best gift guides I have seen! It’s both charming and practical, the place where the perfect gifts live. Thank you for sharing these and the favourite things posts. You’ve really reduced the pressure of great gift giving…