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happy weekend


the parker palm springs | almost makes perfect

today i’m off to palm springs until sunday — i’m the best man (yes, me!) in my brothers wedding, and we’re throwing them a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. i might share some details of what i’ve planned next week. hope you all have a fun weekend!

⋅ is this dress cute? i can’t tell if it’s really cute or if the models just skinny + it looks cute on her.
⋅ i love plywood, therefore i love this house.
⋅ but i love this one too.
⋅ these are the most gorgeous moon paintings ever.
⋅ GUH. want these hash browns right this instant.
⋅ so much want this.
x-files is leaving netflix, and i wanted to watch it! dammit.
⋅ some simple tips for making your instagram better.
⋅ if you haven’t yet voted for me in the BHG blogger awards, please do! (+ if you have, you can again!)


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  1. I was dubious about the dress when I saw it was pointing me towards something called “scuba crop top quilted print”. Cute but definitely not for the well endowed!

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