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without spending money on expensive chocolates, you can jazz up your chocolate boxes this year in so many ways. how about covering them in sequins? (via freutcake)

i am a terrible procrastinator – and also a list maniac. having pretty to-do lists everyday honestly does inspire me to check things off. so these printables will do the trick. (via ann-marie loves)

when i worked as a broadcast designer, i spent hours everyday on stock photo sites. i actually had a folder saved of the most ridiculous ones and never started a tumblr. well getty images launched a collection of stock photos that show contemporary females in roles of leadership. that makes me happy. (via buzzfeed)

100 year old best friends – need i say more (via youtube)

cats taking selfies – need i say more (via sad and useless)

when elise posted her bedroom last week – i immediately asked if we could register for this anthropologie mirror. sadly, gideon immediately said no. this room is too perfect. (via pennyweight)

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  1. That mirror is amazing. You should register for it anyways. Maybe not to put up in the bedroom but maybe somewhere else.

  2. I saw the 100 year old best friends video on Facebook today 🙂 Those cats are hilarious.

  3. Molly. Thank you for these links! They brought me joy and laughter. Two things I needed very much after 8 hours staring at a computer and a spot of linguistics homework! You dahling are an internet Angel.
    One love and namaste and all the other soul warming whatsits. 🙂