happy weekend

desert things

first off i want to say a huge thank you for those of you have that have filled out the survey! i’m collecting results and will do a full post soon.

today we’re heading out to the desert for a quiet weekend and some R&R (i gifted gid this weekend at a spa for his xmas gift) — very excited to unwind a little! hope you guys have a good one. and some fun links to get you through your friday…

what a baby can see every month for the first year of its life

how much the real housewives have changed since their first seasons

i made these brownies this week and ooooooomg

this is such a smart and simple DIY — i love it

bought this earrings recently and really glad i did

i’m sure you’ve seen mara serenes house tour, but if not…

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  1. I keep hearing about You’ll Grow Out of It. The design of the cover is just so brilliant!