diy entryway organizer

diy entryway organizer | almost makes perfect

because i’m completely swamped with freelance and wedding stuff this week — i have very little time to work on the blog, so i’m SORRY. I APOLOGIZE. but in the spirit of being busy, i decided to do a DIY that takes five minutes! this might be the simplest DIY to date on the blog.

diy entryway organizer  |  almost makes perfect

you may have seen simple bungee entryway organizers before, and i’ve always loved them – so when i saw this wood box at the craft store, i immediately knew what to do with it.

entryway organizer diy


wood framed box
two pieces of bungee (mine had hooks on either ends that we chopped off)
a drill

entryway organizer diyentryway organizer diy

step one | measure where you want your bungee and drill holes

step two | tie a knot on one end of your bungee and loop it through to the other end. tie a knot on the other end on the inside.

step three | hang it.

5 minute diy | entryway organizer

throw your keys and sunglasses on there, you can slip important outgoing mail in there… endless possibilities.

diy entryway organizer | almost makes perfect

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  1. Oh very cool! And handy. You don’t need to apologize, live your life. You only get one. ; )

  2. Aaahhh, you’ve done it again! Love the simplicity and convenience of this project. And it’s also super stylish. Definitely will be making this one, we need a better system for keys and such!

  3. Kendall Malcolm says:

    It’s so simple, I love it! By the way, where is that gemstone key chain from? Its lovely!

  4. This is just too creative!! I will be making this for my new place!

  5. Lovely! So simple, this would be a big help in my apartment without adding to the ‘clutter’.

  6. This si such an amazing idea! And I love the minimalistic styling 🙂 Should take some photography tips from you for my blog 🙂

  7. Leeann Lambert says:

    Love this simple idea!!! I wanted to subscribe to your email post, but it would not open for me is there anyway you can add my email address? Thanks Leeann Lambert