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DIY housewarming gift box (+ free printable)

diy housewarming box | almost makes perfectdiy housewarming box | almost makes perfect

you may remember that i love curating beautiful gift boxes, you can make them so personal and i love watching people discover one thing after another. i made my first one for my mom when i was a kid, i got her a cute pouch and then realized i had to fill it with all sorts of cute little items and i spent way too much of my allowance but i got hooked.

so when method sent me some bottles of their gorgeous nourishing hand wash that will be sold exclusively at target through october, i immediately knew i wanted to include them in the prettiest housewarming box i could make. because as we all know, we’re house hunting. but my brother took the sibling rivalry too far and beat me to the punch of house buying, so i made this beautiful gift box for him to make him jealous. this box instead will be our own house warming gift to open when we buy our house. (ok ok, i’m making him one too. sheesh.)

diy housewarming box | almost makes perfectdiy housewarming box | almost makes perfectdiy housewarming box | almost makes perfect

every housewarming box of course needs some new house essentials : sage for smudging their new house with good juju, a tape measurer for figuring out how to get the couch through the doorway without having to say “pivot” even once, goo gone because they bought all those cute new house things that need labels removed, and i included the method nourishing hand wash because every time i move – my hands get super dirty of course, but also super dry. it has moisturizer in it, so it keeps ’em nice and soft. doesn’t hurt that it looks real good on a sink too.

i also included some non-essentials to spruce up the box : a pretty dish towel, a pretty bottle opener, a cute little custom brass keychain and a coffee spoon.

diy housewarming box | almost makes perfectdiy housewarming box | almost makes perfect


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  1. This is so cute! I love the minimal details and the brass accessories. Details on the coffee spoon?

    Also, I love Method’s hand wash – It’s the best I’ve found so far!

    xo, Sarah

      1. HAY was the #1 retail thing I was SUUUUUUUUPER stoked about seeing in Scandinavia. It did NOT disappoint.

  2. This is so gorgeous, my eyes are just drinking it up 😀 Yes, details on that lovely spoon please! You have a good eye!

    1. thank you thank you jessica! i got the spoon here!

  3. The keychain is adorable! Did you make it?

    1. it would be super easy to DIY with a letter stamping kit, but i had this made custom at a local key/lock store for like a dollar!

  4. I absolutely love this! So chic. I can’t wait to do this for a friend who just bought her first home.

  5. the simplicity of your DIY’s are so impressive. I also love the packaging.
    You do have a great eye, and I am a big fan of AMP.
    I will definitely go out and get some Method soaps for my kitchen and bath.
    thanks again Molly for always making your posts informative and fun.

  6. maybe you should make a bunch of these and sell them on your shop site.

  7. Love this idea! Would you mind sharing the bottle opener source? It’s so pretty!