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diy bloody cups


diy bloody cups - almost makes perfect

it’s almost halloween!! if you’re hosting a halloween party – here is a VERY easy diy to get your glasses all festive like.

blood dripped cups - materials

i’m sorry i have no process photos of this. i had to do it outside and didn’t feel like grabbing my camera. but you don’t need process shots. it’s that easy.

cheap glasses (mine are from the dollar store)
red acrylic paint
a small tub or bucket
an xacto
a straw

step one remove all labels from the glasses. pour the paint into the tub and add about a tablespoon of water. stir with a stick. make sure the paint is not too thick and not too thin.

step two gently dip each glass in the tub and try to get the paint on the sides more than the bottom. turn it over to dry it on a piece of cardboard or paper towel, while gently blowing with a straw in order to get more drips. blow from the center outwards.

step three let dry for a day outside, and once dry, you can go and fix up any drips that are too long or too ugly with an xacto, by gently shaping and carving circles and scraping off the excess.

bloody cups diy by almost makes perfect

ps. apparently i like blood dripping diys for halloween – last year i made bloody pumpkins here.

14 comments on “diy bloody cups”

    1. yes! actually that would be totally easy. i don’t think they’d peel off too easily without scraping a little with a razor.

  1. So cool! My boyfriend and I just watched “Rosemary’s Baby” and I wish we had had these to up the macabre factor. Also, these photos rock.

    1. thanks marlene! funny you mention rosemarys baby because it may or may not be included in next weeks costume post… !

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