DIY half moon magnets

ever since the kitchen reno, all i want to do really is make pretty things i need to go in the kitchen! i was instantly noticing we didn’t have cute magnets as soon as we put in the fridge (i’ve somehow lost all of these ones over the years), so that needed to be remedied quick.

i love me a semicircle these days, and i really like the patterns you can make with them too — you could also make all sorts of shapes if you are a little more ambitious, but all i did was cut these wood circles in half and glue on a magnet, so that’s like way better than doing more work.



cut your circles in half with an xacto knife (you can do this with a ruler for a super straight line)

carefully dab a spot of glue in the center and place the magnet on — let it dry overnight before sticking it to anything.

ps. download that to-do list here and the birthday card is from moglea

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  1. These look great! I love how you can stack them to make patterns

  2. I love these! The link for the wood circles expired. How big are they and did you buy a pack of 100 haha! That’s all I seem to find on Amazon. I would totally buy these from your shop!

  3. I’m wondering the same thing as Gabriela. 🙂 The magnet link has also expired – can you also give more info on what magnets you bought? So excited to make these!