happy weekend

happy friday! it was kind of hard getting back into the swing of things after our week away — i’m still getting used to being home and getting my inbox under control. i’ve also been slowly fixing up the studio because i realized if i don’t do it now, i might not do it for a veeeery long time. hoping i can get everything organized and cute and i’ll finally share the reveal with you soon. we’re doing some errands this weekend and seeing family and its supposed to rain so i will do nothing if it does. have a good one! 

what’s coming to and leaving netflix

season 2 of love was reaaally good

i’m about to buy the shit out of these

do you remember the scary story about the girl with the ribbon choker? still so scary

how to poach a dozen eggs at once

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  1. Those slides are exactly what I’m looking for right now! Thank you for the link.

  2. Thanks for the links.
    Have a happy weekend too!