making this: recipe box redo

For Christmas, my mom got us a custom recipe box and embosser from Williams Sonoma. I love it. But after sitting on our counter for half a year, I decided it would look a little prettier in a darker stain. Sorry mom. Thanks mom!

I didn’t take any in between photos because I must have gotten distracted, but here it is before I stained it:

During the staining, I designed these recipe cards to go inside.

I was planning on putting white paint in the engraved part and wiping it off, but after finishing the staining process, I opened the box and there were splatters of stain all over the inside. So I decided to paint the inside with a gold glaze. And then went a little crazy and did a blue trim. I probably should have just left it alone. Now I’m worried about doing anything else to it. OH WELL! Way better, right?

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