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11 humidifiers that aren’t total eyesores


after arlo got his first cold and we had to do a steam for him in the bathroom to get everything out, i realized we should probably get a humidifier since this might not be the last time he gets an illness lol. so of course i started researching up the wazoo for the prettiest one that didn’t break the bank — some of these are much pricier than others, but there’s a good range from high to low. 

none of these would be a bummer to look at if you have to leave it out! we ended up getting the vava one you can see above, and i’m really happy with it so far. (and yes, i got it for arlo but i’m trying it first to make sure he’ll like it lol)

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18 comments on “11 humidifiers that aren’t total eyesores”

  1. I personally got the Stadler because the evaporation wick humidifier are the cleaner humidifiers that caused the least build up and growth of mold. You still have to clean them, but the likelihood of them getting build up of some kind is a lot less than the others. Also I only use distilled water with them too. The added bonus of adding essential oils to diffuse was a nice touch.

  2. So helpful! I have the roolen after far too long with a hideous humidifier and then even longer looking for something not atrocious. Not if I could find an affordable good looking air purifier ???!

  3. that’s weird, the “PURE ENRICHMENT” is listed in the image for $37, but it’s link to Amazon is priced at $59. :/

  4. Where was this post a month ago?! haha Love it! I actually ended up buying the Pure Enrichment one in January, and we love it. Quiet and not too bad on the eyes. Big help for the cold and dry Boston winters!

  5. How are you liking the Vava? The air has been so dry lately in Montana that my 6 month old’s cheeks are getting chapped when she sleeps so I need to buy a humidifier stat. I remembered you had written this post so thank you!

  6. Hi Molly – These humidifiers are really quite beautiful. I didn’t even know that stylish humidifiers existed. Thanks for the great information. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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