DIY mini granite pots


diy mini granite pots | almost makes perfectdiy mini granite pots | almost makes perfect

today’s DIY is one of the easiest in a while! many of you have said you want some more planter projects, so here’s the first of hopefully many. guess what you do. yep that’s right you just spray paint. i ordered a bunch of these little PVC pipe caps and i wasn’t expecting them to have the little round bottoms that they had — but this is what happens almost every time i order supplies online. i still used them and i ended up being really happy with the shape after all. total tim gunn moment OMG.

diy mini granite pots | almost makes perfect


01. go outside and setup a safe spray paint station. spray with the primer, let dry.

02. spray with your granite spray and wait about an hour to do a second coat. stay far away while spray painting and the texture will come out a lot better.

03. for the half granite, just use your painters tape to tape off half. duh.

04. mix around with spraying, the half sprayed pot is a combo of a layer of the dark granite with a layer of the light on top. buy a few extra PVC caps to play around and see what you like!

05. once dry, plant your succulents or cacti. if you want to plant something else, drill a hole in the bottom to allow for draining.

diy mini granite pots | almost makes perfectdiy mini granite pots | almost makes perfect

really cute right?! i want to make dozens of these and scatter them all over the house.

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  1. I LOVE this! I have a bunch of white ceramic pots from Ikea and have been thinking of a way to add some visual interest to them. This is the perfect solution. Thank you!

  2. This would be a good way to recycle those drink mix container cans, too. About the same size and shape. I could use them to separate scrapbooking supplies or office supplies or my makeup drawer….

  3. Such a unique idea… I wasn’t even aware that granite paint existed, so after seeing the before after images, I am bewildered. Amazing work and very inspiring.

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  5. I absolutely love this idea. I wanted to upgrade the look a little bit, so instead of using pvc pipe I went to my local restaurant supply store and found white ceramic pieces to use instead! They have several fun shapes, each one cost around $3.

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