diy simple gold triangle garland

diy gold triangle garland

in my opinion, there’s a fine line between tacky and modern when it comes to christmas decorating. so i always err on the simple side. shocker. so here is a VERY simple and of course, very easy diy decoration you can make in a few minutes!

diy gold garland

all you need is a large piece of gold scrapbook paper (or two depending on how long you’d like it). i attached the triangles with scotch tape, but you could glue also.

cut out a zillion triangles from your paper. this is the boring part, but i did it while i watched netflix.

diy gold triangle garland

tape your piece of string on one side of a long table, tighten the string and tape the other side down. slide your triangles under the string and tape! i did it in a 2 x 3 pattern, but there are obviously a bunch of variating patterns you could try. they kind of look like modern little christmas trees right?!

diy gold garland

and duh – that’s it! hang across your mantle, over a door frame or just along your wall for a little touch of festive decor.

diy triangle gold garlanddiy triangle garlanddiy triangle garland

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  1. this is perfect for my small new year’s eve gathering. thanks for sharing it!

  2. these are really gorgeous! i love that they are shimmery enough for holiday decor yet also geometric and trendy!

  3. What a simple idea! It looks great. I wouldn’t even feel bad about leaving it up after the holidays.

  4. This is beautiful! I think I will do something like this for my room 🙂

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  6. So lovely! I’m gonna do this in my daughter’s room!!


  7. this is super cute! i think i might make multiples to drape across un-curtained windows!

  8. Hey! Trying to make this now but I can’t get the triangles to all face the same direction when it’s hanging. They just flip and turn all around. Do you have any tips to keep this from happening?

  9. Ok, so when my boss found out that I cut all those triangles by hand he actually asked me, “…what’s wrong with you??” But I feel it was totally worth it. Thanks for the super cute idea!

  10. Oh I just made this in navy and bright blue for a bday mantle garland for my husband tomorrow! Yay! Thank you! It will then go in my son’s room! BONUS!

  11. Oh I just made this in navy and bright blue for a bday mantle garland for my husband tomorrow! Yay! Thank you! It will then go in my son’s room! BONUS!

  12. Great ….. Article it its really informative and innovative keep us posted with new updates. its was really valuable. Thanks a lot.

  13. Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a very comparable post over the last couple of weeks, I’ll probably keep it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks.

  14. I have made something similar for the past holidays and our office looked so nice. This is really amazing idea

  15. These triangle garlands are beautiful. I wonder how could these be made during watching Netflix.

  16. Such a pretty design with the triangles grouped together in a set of three like that. Why do I love DIY garland so much?