diy gem nightlight


diy gem nightlight

i made this nightlight the other day and have been admiring it every time i look at it since. i’m in love with it.

diy nightlight diy nightlight materials

black cardstock
colored vellum
xacto knife
cheap nightlight
black wire
not pictured : super glue, scissors, tape

gem nightlight diy night light diy-nightlight


 draw out your gemstone on a piece of paper and make sure you size it for the light.

— trace or copy it on the back of your cardstock (mine was white on the other side so that part was easy)

— cut out your shape with your xacto. then trace that shape onto your vellum and cut it out three times.

— tape the three pieces together with tiny pieces of tape so they feel secure. carefully super glue the gem and stick them together.

— wrap your wire around the base of the nightlight tightly about five times. then take the two ends and double wrap them out. make sure you keep the paper pretty far from the light so it won’t get hot. my gem is about 2 inches from the actual bulb. bend a small flat loop up at the end.

— apply super glue to the bottom corner of the gem, add a small piece of tape, and hold firmly for minutes until it feels secure.

gem nightlight tutorial

+ this is NOT the most secure nightlight ever, and i’m sure there’s a better way to secure it – but so far so good.

+ we only use it for nighttime teeth brushing and stuff, i would not recommend keeping it on all night for your own safety!

ok enough boring stuff – let’s see some more glamour shots!

diy nightlight gem nightlight diy

34 comments on “diy gem nightlight”

    1. It’s used in scrap booking. Go to Michaels or Joanns. Any store like that. Good luck. Would love to see the finished product and find out if it was really easy. I don’t belong to the site just looking at crafts.

  1. Hi Molly – just found your blog and I’m in love! Have added you to my RSS and look forward to having a Good snoop around. Love this light!

    1. + i know — definitely not my safest diy. because we only keep it on for a few minutes at a time it’s been fine, i would NOT recommend this for all night usage.

  2. I love this! I can’t wait to see if there’s some way I could make this work to refashion my tacky looking Bath and Body works nightlight/wallflower combo. So glad I found you!

    1. i’m not quite sure what kind it was, i just found it in the scrapbook paper section of the craft store. any semi transparent paper will do. good luck!

    1. definitely – i made sure to keep it as far as i could from the bulb, but like i said – i don’t recommend keeping on for extended periods of time :)

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