DIY 2016 planner

diy 2016 planner | almost makes perfectdiy 2016 planner | almost makes perfect

i’ve got such an easy DIY for you guys today! another january resolution is to obviously be organized and get all your shit done. so what better than to write all those tasks down in a cute little notebook?!

i actually made this a notebook versus a day planner, because i have a big planner to keep track of my schedule, so i used these cute little lined notebooks that you can rip the pages out of, which makes it perfect for my daily to-do lists. maybe my resolution should be to check everything off to the point of actually ripping out the page…

diy 2016 planner | almost makes perfect

diy 2016 planner | almost makes perfect

01. if you don’t have a t-square ruler, you can also use my tape method, or just a regular ruler even — but the t-square makes it super easy to know you’re accurate. start by placing your outside letters first (T + Y, S + N). this will ensure all your letters fit better than trying to eyeball. place your letters with a tweezer, and don’t rub them down yet!

02. carefully place the rest of your letters, you can play around with kerning depending on what fits and what you’re spelling out.

03. once you’ve arranged all your letters, peel them up a little to apply a dab of glue on the corners, especially your outside letters. if you’re not planning on lugging this around in your purse and you’re gonna be super careful, you can skip this step. rub ’em down real tight now.

04. turn your notebook over, and slice off the excess of the edge letters over your cutting mat.

diy 2016 planner | almost makes perfectdiy 2016 planner | almost makes perfect

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  1. I wish I would have seen this a week ago before I bought 2 planners! But I do love planners/notebooks so I will have to give this a try.


  2. I love this, I have been looking for a way to write 2016 on a notebook/photobook and this is better than anything I was coming up with 🙂

    Is the clutch something you made (i cant find it in your diy section) ? Or where did you find it? I have been looking for a stamp just like it!

  3. Molly ! This planner is perfect i love it. I don’t have the steady hand to pull that off but it’s still awesome and want one haha.


  4. Love this – thank you! I made a guest book for our new home from a blank journal.