diy copper salad servers

diy copper contact paper salad servers

well – here’s the simplest DIY i’ve done in a while! i have to say… it was pretty fun to be done with a project in a couple of minutes. we’ve been going hard watching bob’s burgers so more time for that is good.

i bought this copper contact paper on amazon a month ago for no good reason, and have been trying to think of something to do with it. now that i’m trying to eat more salads (because girls getting married should eat salad right?) i noticed how many crappy old salad servers i’ve hoarded.

it’s not like i’m going to throw them away. i can just make them look less old. normal right?

copper contact paper salad servers

all you need is some old serving utensils, metallic contact paper and some scissors!

diy salad server makeover

here are the directions, but i really think you probably don’t need them.

cut out pieces that will be long and tall enough to cover the handles. apply the front first and make sure to remove all air bubbles. then wrap the sides and make sure they overlap evenly. when they don’t, because they probably won’t, you can add a tiny piece in the middle and you won’t be able to see it after.

to wrap the bottom, cut each corner and overlap each side. just like wrapping a christmas present! smooth out all air bubbles and you’re done!

diy copper salad servers

and if you’re throwing an oscar party, go ahead and wrap ALL your utensils in gold contact paper. go right ahead.

diy copper salad serversdiy  copper contact paper salad servers


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  1. What a great way to spice up some plain salad servers! I’ve been loving wood and copper lately so these are perfect…

    1. ha! thank you jacquelyn! xx

  2. What happens when you wash them? Or do you just re-apply?

    1. What à great idea! Thanks!!

    2. i’ve just hand washed them and they’re fine! don’t soak, and just wash the spoony part and not the handles! xx

  3. Great idea! Is there any way that you can also wash the copper as well? Maybe some preparation of the metal itself?