arlo : 6 months

a few weeks late with the holidays and our trip to hawaii, but i cannot believe my little babe is half a year old! time is flying by and i cried uncontrollably the other day when i got to the page in his baby book that said “happy half birthday little one”.

still an expert at teething with no teeth, he at least is now super good at bringing objects to his mouth so i don’t have to assist so much now, he can hold his own teether thank you v much! he now sits up so well, and he can do push ups from his tummy. maybe i’m wrong but i get the sense he’s a little lazy, so while he might be advanced in personality traits, i have this feeling he might be slow in crawling and moving.

if you follow my stories, you know my dad from boston stayed with us for a few weeks and really bonded with arlo. it was so nice to have help and someone at home with me, and arlo loves him, when he’s not making a loud noise and scaring the shit out of him.

he is really clingy with us, he’s sooo into flirting with women and all people but mostly women, but he always likes us to be nearby. he’s happiest when i’m holding him and he gets to flirt with strangers. the only person he truly feels comfortable with besides us is his babysitter. poor grandparents.

this month has been our toughest so far. besides the co-dependence, our once amazing sleeper from birth has finally “regressed” and went from 9 hours straight every single night to waking up every couple of hours. it’s been so hard on us, who really didn’t realize what the sleep deprivation was like. we’re planning to sleep train this month and hopefully get all three of us sleeping again.

he also had his first christmas! we took him to meet santa, and i was reaaaally hoping he’d cry but he just stared at him the entire time, we dressed him up in lots of dumb outfits and it was so fun to celebrate with him. can’t wait till he knows what christmas is.

on his 6 month birthday, we went to hawaii where he unfortunately got sick pretty much right away. he was such a champ both ways on the flight though, happy to sleep on us and get attention from flight attendants and i was so relieved! despite being sick the whole trip, we had a few moments where we put him in the ocean and pool and he loved the water!

he is still so sweet, he cuddles with me and sometimes will chill much longer than i expect on the couch lying on me. it’s the best. i am also teaching him how to hug, which is the cutest. he’s the cutest! his huge smile still makes me so weak.

we’re going to attempt to sleep train arlo this month, and hopefully that can help make us all happier in the end. wish us luck!

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  1. Amanda Vela says:

    Happy 6 months, Arlo! He’s just so sweet and cute! Good luck on sleep training – lack of sleep is the hardest part!!

    We are thinking of flying with Jack this summer for the first time. He’s done a 14-hour road trip (and got to dip his feet in the ocean for the first time like Arlo!) but never flown. What did you use as a crib for sleeping? Did you carry on any breast milk? Any travel must haves or tips?

  2. Good luck with sleep training! My little guy turns 6 months on Saturday and yep, sucks at sleeping now. He used to be a champion sleeper and started waking up every hour- omg.

    We did sleep train last week and it wasn’t as bad as I thought but also horrible. But it worked and he is even good at naps in his crib now! Dont give up, he will learn and sleep and it will be amazing.
    Also Arlo is so cute and reminds me of a little croissant.

  3. Happy half Birthday Arlo! My little on is 7 months tomorrow and we haven’t slept more than 2 hours for 3 months so I wish you luck with the sleep training! Have you read the book ‘French children Don’t Throw Food’ by Pamela Drouckerman? It’s a brilliant read. All the best!

  4. Susan @suzijoyful says:

    Arlo is beautiful… and strong! Push ups at 6 months is great!! I expect he may show you the beached whale ? routine at month 7 ? before crawling into his 8th month. He’s right on target ?
    P.S. Boston Poppy = Rock⭐️

  5. Good luck with sleep training! I have a 6 month old too and we already did it with him. It’s soooo worth it. He is a champ at sleeping now and puts himself to sleep with little to no fuss. Just find a sleep training method you feel is right for you and him and be consistent with it. Arlo is gorgeous! Congrats!

  6. heck ya my favorite baby is over half a year old!!! that’s practically ancient!! happy half birthday, my dude!

  7. Ugh, I hear you! The sleep regression is brutal. We just had our 5th baby and he’s already a pro and sleeps through at 1 month…but all our other babies have done the same thing and then regressed at exactly 6months. It’s definitely a thing! Hang in there; he’ll figure it out again!
    PS- Arlo’s gummy grin is the best.