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almost makes mixtape ⋅ baby playlist


i have gotten so many requests to make a playlist of arlo’s favorite songs. so i am finally sharing! after many looooong months of listening to raffi exclusively, i thought i would either have to drive off a cliff or get him to like something different. it turns out he loves oldies and seems to like songs that are also pretty fast paced for the most part. some songs grow on him, but some he loves immediately. i think the first time he ever heard barbara ann he immediately started smiling.

i don’t know how he came out so musical, but he really enjoys nothing more than listening to music and dancing and clapping along and playing his instrument toys. i definitely sang a lot while he was in the womb, but i don’t know where this comes from! i love it so much.

the playlist is mostly oldies besides the last two additions (two of his current favorite songs that i felt like i had to include). i might add some songs here and there too. hope your babies love these songs as much as arlo does!

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