15 cute beach essentials

since going to the beach for the 4th and seeing that arlo could not only handle it, but he actually even enjoyed himself — i have now declared us beach people for the summer, and proceeded to buy an umbrella and beach chairs immediately. so since i spent hours searching for everything, i figured i’d do a roundup as usual of hip beach essentials because it’s not easy to find! it’s actually so hard to even find beach chairs that aren’t bright blue. here are some of my fave picks… 

01. we have a large gathre mat that we keep in the trunk and use whenever we’re out, on the grass or sand. it cleans easily and we love it.
02. it’s reaaally hard to find cute beach chairs that are also nice (you can find some from target before summer, but they’re the cheap kind i feel like you’ll end up replacing soon). this white one is so handsome but comes with a hefty price tag, we ended up getting these tommy bahama ones which come fully equipped.
03. i always love a big straw bag for beach or pool.
04. what a cute beach towel i designed lol
05. i want this cooler bag, so much easier than a big cooler when you’re not bringing a ton with you.
06. obsessed with this beach umbrella from sunday supply.
07. i have a retro coleman cooler and it’s sooo handsome!
08. my favorite glass water bottle from soma
09. someday i totally want this gorgeous beach tent
10. i love all of the straw hats from lack of color, i was never a hat person but i have been so happy to wear the one i got and keep the sun off my face
11. gorgeous big beach blanket that would be great with babies in tow
12. i love pool slides and love them even more when they’re in my favorite pink
13. goop sunblock MOUSSE! 
14. a cute waterproof bluetooth speaker for blasting the beach boys
15. i love this zipper pouch for corralling the things you don’t want to get sandy

image sources ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 )

sources : my bikini top / bottom / hat

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  1. claire james says:

    lolol @ product 4

  2. Cute round up! Where is your swimsuit from?

    1. Yes! I’d like to know too please. =) I’m looking for a new suit that’s cute but still offers decent coverage.

    2. Molly Madfis says:

      just added link! 🙂

  3. Love all these! The link for the zip pouch isn’t showing up. I’d love to know where it is from. Thanks!

  4. Christina says:

    Hi, where is the zipper pouch from?
    Also the beautiful plates in that beach image.

    Thank you xx!

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      hi! fixed the link!

  5. hi- link for swimsuit isn’t working. can you please tell me where it’s from?