12 modern acrylic outdoor glasses

12 modern acrylic glasses | almost makes perfect

ok so i don’t about you — but once i decide i need something, i can spend hours on hours researching all of my options so that i am absolutely positive i found the best one. and the other day i decided i needed some unbreakable plastic drinkware for this backyard of ours — and then spent the next couple of hours obsessing over it. 

if i had a 3D printer i think i’d just make exactly what i’m looking for, but instead i scoured the internet for the cutest modern options. and i think i found some pretty cool options… and i thought you might be in the market too! i think i’m torn between the retro summer camp vibe of #1 and the simple unique shape of #11.

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve

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  1. I love the vintage/ grandma/ cafeteria vibe of #1.
    But #8 is so sexy. And it’s tinted so your friend who is pregnant but isn’t ready for the give-away yet can drink out of that and no one will know that it’s just water. Not that I’ve been in that situation recently or anything. Hahahaha! (No, seriously, a friend of mine asked for a tinted glass so that it looked like she was drinking something exciting. Just toss in a lime and you’ve got an instant disguise.)

  2. I am 100% with you (RE: obsessively researching a product I’ve convinced myself I “need” to buy). My favorites from your picks are 7 and 11.

  3. Just purchased William Sonoma Tritan tumblers in short and tall. (Not on your list). Bargain, classic and crisp.