what i ordered from amazon this month

screen cleaner

because i’ve got a passion for keeping my new car nice and tidy, i got this screen cleaner for the screen in the car but i need one for my laptop too!!

dae hair oil

i air dry my hair so i’ve been looking for something i can use while it’s wet out of the shower for frizz and hydrating, and everyone says dae products are so good — i’ll report back

oil absorbing face roller

i actually have pretty dry skin, but i got this for gid’s oily skin and he’s been using it a lot. so much less wasteful than the blotting sheets and i love that you can throw it in your purse.

detangler brush

i always brush my hair in the shower before i rinse out the conditioner and i’ve been looking for a pretty one that can get wet.

crossbody woven small shoulder bag

maybe because i’m sick of lugging a heavy diaper bag around the rest of the time, but when i’m alone i love using something tiny like this. it fits just my essentials — car key, wallet, phone, lip balm and sanitizer spray.

magnetic calendar

been looking for a paper calendar for our fridge for a while and finally found one i like– it’s much easier for me to see upcoming events/parties/appointments than on my phone (which i gotta do too). ps, someone asked if it has the jewish holidays and it does!

mary janes

i was wearing these in the grey color a lot, and then noticed the green color which i like even better! they’re true to size and they are pretty comfortable and i’m uncomfortable in almost all shoes!

key fob cover

operation all things cute for car– this key fob cover makes my key a lot prettier and helps distinguish between mine and gids. they have them for like every make of key there is!

washing machine cleaning tablets

just one of those very basic amazon purchases, but we needed cleaning tablets and these ones are eco friendly

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