a smiley face birthday

izzy’s 1st birthday is just a few weeks away! we decided on a smiley theme because she is just one big smiley face, and it would be a very simple process if i weren’t … ME!

i’ve been kinda trying to avoid the typical 90s smiley face with the notches on the ends of the mouth, even though that’s the kind you see on almost everything, including a few items here! makes it waaay more complicated and i really need to just chill and start ordering stuff haha.

anyway, i know this is a common theme for 1st birthdays and i got a lot of requests to share links for what i’ve found so far, so here are some pretty things i’ve found so far and sort of the creative direction this party is taking!

(click on the item to shop it)

ps– i shared LOTS of cute other theme ideas here!

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