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wedding stuff : floral crowns

wedding floral crowns roundup // almost makes perfect

i’ve got some BIG WEDDING NEWS! i’ve bought my dress! it only took three stores and about 30 dresses – but i found one that i love and decided to just go for it rather than prolong this process that i hate.

did / do most people hate wedding dress shopping? my first trip was with my mom and all my bridesmaids and i thought it would be this exciting fun experience, but it was mostly 5 different opinions. so i went again just with my mom and found something right away. it makes me feel like a pretty bride, but is also unique enough to make me feel like it’s me.

i did mention the theme is desert boho – and it’s not the most bohemian or laid back dress i’ve seen (it’s actually pretty “bridal” for me) so i’ve decided i’m just going to style it up (down) with some simple accessories and i’m really thinking of floral crowns. i definitely don’t want a HUGE bouquet on my head so as usual — i’d probably veer on the side of simpler.

i’d want my bridesmaids and the flower girls in them too – could make for fun DIYing!?

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  1. This is so lovely!! I love the idea of wearing flowers in your hair as a bride! It’s so romantic! My cousin did that with small white flowers on her wedding day! I’m so glad you found your dress! Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  2. Floral crowns are beautiful – the looks you can get with them are endless. Plus, they aren’t that hard at all to make!

  3. you’re totally not alone on the dress shopping thing. browsing online is one thing, but being stared at in a store is something completely different. I hated getting everyone’s opinions and just wanted to do it myself! haha, such a scrooge. I ended up buying a really simple boho one online without trying it on, and it was the best of both worlds – browsed online and avoided all opinions 🙂

    LOVE the crowns. I like #3 the best – very simple and understated. do it up!

  4. Awesome! My dress was the first thing that I found and I went with my husband-to-be, and frankly I didn’t care that he saw me in my dress beforehand. His opinion was the only one that mattered… After that, the wedding planning was a breeze!

    xx/ http://www.hometohem.com

    1. i think that’s why it was so hard for me — i get his opinion on everything! but he didn’t even think i’d be wearing a long dress, so i’m gonna keep it a surprise and hopefully his jaw will drop (i live in jeans only)

  5. I HATED dress shopping – it just couldn’t end soon enough! Like you, it took me about 4-5 stores and a million dresses. even then I never had that ‘AAHH THIS IS IT’ moment (but I’m quite happy w/ what I picked in the end). Love the idea of flower crowns…xo

    1. so stressful! so glad it’s over. and glad to hear i’m not the only female who despised it!