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i feel like most steak knives look so formal, and it bothers me when they look super out of place with the flatware– is that just me?! i got lots of questions about our steak knives when i shared my utensil drawers on instagram, so i wanted to do a big roundup of good looking steak knives.

i think these are all beautiful, and not $500 either!!

i love the modern shape of these misen steak knives and they come in a bunch of pretty colors.
($80 for 4)

if you have black flatware, these would fit right in— but they also come in gold and silver
($130 for 4)

i love berghoff leo products, these are handsome and on sale!! 
($40 for 4)

a really beautiful streamlined steak knife! (comes in black too)
($40 for 4)

simple and very classic design, but these feel really modern and would go with a lot of flatware!
($30 for 4)

if you want name brand, this cangshan everest set is so beautiful and comes in black.
($190 for 4)

i looove the shape and color of these ones!!
($55 for 4)

we have these knives and they’re super sharp and high quality for the price
($12 for 4)

these are some of my faves on this list, i really like the olive wood handles
($70 for 4)

my mom has laguiole steak knives so i’ve always loved them (and we got a few for a wedding gift)
($100 for 6)

and if you like the look of laguiole but can’t spend the money, these look nice!
($40 for 6)

i love the simplicity of these wusthof ones! very classic.
($90 for 6)

veeeery inexpensive and chic matte black knives
($14 for 4)

i also love these gold steak knives, they’re handsome and cheap
($16 for 6)

another inexpensive one, but the wood handle makes them look totally fancy
($24 for 6)

and i really like the square shaped handles of these schmidt bros knives!!
($40 for 4)

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  1. Jennifer E says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I have been looking to replace my knives for a few months!