my favorite classic horror movies

i did a poll on instagram and making a blog post of my favorite classic horror movies (versus not making it) won, so here i am!!

i’ve been watching horror movies since i was wayyyy too young. i will never forget some of the traumatic things i saw (child’s play 2 when i was like 4, sorority house massacre 2 when i was 7 and the first scene of friday the 13th part v: a new beginning when i was about 8). I REMEMBERED these vividly throughout my life so my advice to parents is — don’t let your kids watch horror movies until they’re waaaay older ok?!?!

since then, i’ve always loved horror movies– i pretty much watch them more than any other genre. in college i even took a class on horror film and shocker, i got an A! 

the term “classic” is confusing because i’m getting older so some movies that seem recent are actually like 20 years old now so who knows what’s considered classic anymore?! ok enough talking, here are a bunch of movies i loved.

black christmas

this is one of my favorites of all time ever. it’s not famous like the late 70s/early 80s slashers that came after it, but it is LEGIT scary. also it’s directed by bob clark who did a christmas story!! 


why did my dad take me to see this when i was 11?!! if you somehow haven’t watched scream, it’s so good. it’s funny and irreverent but also scary!! 


i think the original halloween is one of the scariest of all time. it holds up. and i actually chose to write a 20 page essay in my horror film class on it, so i know it well haha. 

the others

see i don’t only like slashers i just tend to choose them more! the others is a ghost movie with nicole kidman and was SPOOKY.


the best haunted house movie ever and one of my favorites of all time! it also holds up, if you haven’t watched for a few years, i think it’s always good for a rewatch.

the orphanage

haven’t seen this one in so many years, but it is really scary and beautifully done. 

drag me to hell

i feel like this movie is underrated, if you like evil dead movies — sam raimi directed this and i think it’s fun and really entertaining 

let the right one in 

a swedish romantic horror movie about two kids– did that sell you on it? it’s so good.

the babadook

2014 really doesn’t seem like it’s old enough to be a classic, but i thought i should include it anyway. this one is very scary and i watched alone because gid fell asleep! haha

paranormal activity

ok it’s very easy to make fun of, but the first time i saw this movie i was SCARED OUT OF MY MIND.

the strangers

one of the scariest home invasion movies imo, you will definitely triple check your doors are locked and you may even run to your bedroom from the front door (because i do that frequently lol) 


again, too young to be a classic? the first insidious was so scary! the sequels don’t measure up whatsoever imo. 

cabin in the woods

one of our faves of all time– it’s a satire but also manages to be scary! so unique and fun to watch.

wait until dark

a movie with audrey hepburn?! what is this doing here?! not sure if this is really considered horror but i found it very thrilling and so good.

the purge

we have watched every purge movie and love almost all of them because the premise is just terrifying, even when they’re not great movies haha. but i think the first one is actually good! and has kevin bacon!

friday the 13th

hey kevin bacon is in it too!! maybe it’s because i went to summer camp, but i have always found this movie to be super super scary. 

**also, if you’re into campy horror and not just actual camp, i love the sequels– part 3, part 4 and part 7 are my favorites! they are so bad but good.

other ones i like but i couldn’t just name them all:

the thing, alien, texas chainsaw massacre, evil dead 2, the shining, the exorcist and suspiria

i feel like if i just named every classic horror movie this list would be so obvious, but i like these ones too lol.

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  1. I can totally vouch for this list. My favorite is “wait until dark”.

  2. Wait until Dark scariest movie thanks Molly for including it

  3. Prarthna Vasudevan says:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. Any recommendation for 3-4 year toddler. I do want to show a tad bit spooky but not all the way 🙂 thank you.