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cute outdoor toys and activities for kids

whenever we go to other people’s houses, i keep noticing how much more fun arlo has in his friend’s backyards than our own haha. a lot of that is probably because it’s someone else’s house, but i have sort of wished we had more fun stuff to do back there.

we had our playhouse and an ugly water table, some bubbles and we’ve put our cars back there as well, but i’ve just always wished we had a pretty swing set thing.

finding stylish backyard jungle gyms and fun play things for kids is as challenging as you’d think, but i did my best! i rounded up a tonnn of fun things below!!

swing sets + jungle gyms

these outdoor swing sets are strong contenders for replacing the actual playground


Wilderness Point Wooden Swing Set

this jungle gym isn’t huge but is priced really well. has a lot to do including an art panel. you could do some little easy updates to make it look more stylish


Modern Outdoor Backyard Swing Set

the chicest play set i’ve ever seen!


forest toddler swing set

and they have a smaller toddler version of it too!


8-in-1 kids Play Gym

cute little wooden jungle gym. technically it’s an indoor one but you could cover it up when not in use!

bed bath & beyond

Modern Outdoor Swing Set

pretty sleek and has some cute accessories!

bed bath & beyond

4-in-1 Outdoor wood Swing Set

love the size of this play set and that it has a fun rope ladder


Wooden Swing Set

this one also has a sand pit area and climbing wall


Haven Cedar Swing Set

this one’s nice and modern!


Scenic Heights Cedar Playhouse

i don’t love the barn doors but otherwise the lines are pretty good on this one!


Cozy Escape Playhouse

this house looks incredibly fun!!


chestnut 8-in-1 jungle gym

you’d never need to go anywhere with this thing — it’s got a swing, rock climbing wall, and monkey bars. it’s also foldable and comes in two sizes!


juniper folding playset

this is a smaller foldable playset i almost got for izzy last year! it comes with a regular swing and a baby swing to choose from


some of these look pretty good already but they also have good bones if you want to spruce ’em up like i did!


Outdoor Wood Playhouse

complete with a mailbox, fence and flower holders


bakewell wooden playhouse

this one has a sweet little kitchen


Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse – Natural

this is the playhouse i made over for arlo but it’s not bad as is!


Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse – White

the same playhouse — but now it comes in white!


Outdoor Wood Playhouse

this one is very clean!


Outdoor Wood Playhouse

love the open windows on this

bed bath & beyond

Outdoor Play cart

if you don’t want a full-on playhouse — this outdoor kitchen cart is so cute and comes with accessories too


tp toys Wooden Potting Bench

or maybe an adorable gardening cart??


outdoor kids mud kitchen

the cutest mud kitchen i made over for izzy!

freestanding toys

some smaller options if you don’t have the space for (or want) a larger playset


5-in-1 Toddler Slide

a cute slide with a basketball hoop and telescope


white wooden slide

we own this slide and it’s sooo cute but has definitely seen some wear over the years living outside


Wood Slide

this isn’t specifically for outside but it folds up so you could store it somewhere safely


8-in-1 Toddler Slide Playset

this one also has a hoop and little telescope


Wood elephant Slide

so cute! just keep this one covered up too.


Kids Basketball Hoop

why aren’t there more good looking basketball hoops?? this one is cute and has other sports equipment too


Swurfer Coconut Toddler Swing

izzy loves this swing!


kids saucer swing

these saucer swings are always so much fun. this is one of the best looking i could find.

water tables + sandboxes

sadly most water tables and sand boxes aren’t very cute but i found a few really pretty ones plus some that aren’t toooo bad


Tide Water and Sensory Table

i mean this is like the holy grail of water tables. use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 10% off


KiwiCo Water and Sand Sensory Table

this one is so cute and the legs adjust as your kid grows!


Water Table and Sand Table

a nice and simple wood water table


Plantoys water playset

arlo would have loved this water table setup!!


striped water table cover

this cover is so cute and then your water table won’t get all gross


Wood Sandbox with Cover

kids sandbox with benches and a striped umbrella!


Wooden pirate ship Sandbox

a cute pirate ship sandbox! and it comes with a chalkboard because that’s what pirates use


Wooden Sandbox

this sandbox comes with a little sink/kitchen area


Sandbox with Canopy

a covered sandbox with tic tac toe and a chalkboard


Metal Rolling Sand Digger

a friend has this and it was sooo much fun for arlo to play with if you have some dirt or sand around!!

pools, sprinklers + splash pads

these inflatable options are great because you can deflate and stow them away when not in use


petites pommes alice pool

such a cute striped pool that comes in a few other pretty colors


Luxury Italian Tile Pool

this pool makes me feel like i’m on vacation just looking at it


Sunnylife Princess Swan Pool

i love that this one has a built-in sunshade


shark play center

a shark pool that comes with toys


Sunnylife Giant Green Dinosaur Sprinkler

who doesn’t want a giant dino sprinkler??


Sunnylife Into The Wild Sprinkler

or a cute snake one!

pottery barn kids

Shark Arch Sprinkler

orrrr maybe they’re more of a shark fan

inflatables + bouncy houses

these are great for kids parties too!


Sunnylife Summer Sundae Cubby

an inflatable ice cream truck that comes with inflatable ice cream cones


Bounce House with Ball Pit

such a cute bounce house and ball pit!


SMOL Bouncy House

SMOL bouncy houses are so beautiful and so fun. i love this green one but they have lots of other colors and sizes. use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 10% off


smol splash

this water bouncy house looks SO FUN and it can be used as a standard bouncy house the rest of the year. use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 10% off


modern looking trampolines don’t seem to exist but these two aren’t bad!


Machrus Trampoline

one of the better looking trampolines i’ve seen


Trampoline with Net and Sprinkler

a trampoline and sprinkler in one!! mind blown

lawn games

a couple more fun outdoor activities to jazz up your backyard


Giant Four-In-A-Row Game

mega connect four!!

the container store

SUNNYLiFe Giant Jumbling Tower

giant jenga!!


pastel backyard bowling set

cutest inflatable bowling set!


Wooden Bowling Set

and a pretty wood bowling set thats way better than the usual plastic ones


ladder golf set

a lot of $ but def the prettiest ladder golf i’ve seen.


Berit racket set

the container store

SUNNYLiFE Catch Ball Game


bubble machine

ok this isn’t a big ticket item but a bubble machine is one of the few things we do have and its wildly entertaining haha


Rock Climbing Holds

really pretty rock climbing holds you could add on to a climbing wall or play set

hope this helps you create the most fun backyard ever for your kids!!

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  1. kara tice says:

    How are you SO DANG GOOD at round ups. Anytime I want to buy something, I wish I had a Molly round up to consult!

  2. Springfree trampolines are so good/safe/well-made and not as ugly as a lot of others!

  3. They are so cute. Really want to build something for my son soon so this gives me great ideas.

  4. Love this curated list of outdoor fun for all ages. As a mom to a growing little one, this list captures all sorts of fun for her next stages. Thank you!

  5. Amazing list! Good work here. Thank you!