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really cute wall art for a kids room and nursery

if you’re shopping for wall art to hang in your kids room, it can be either a very fun or very annoying task, depending on your personality (i am one of those people who will find something they love, but then continue to look for weeks, deliberate endlessly, until i usually just end up getting the first one i loved. my fun process!)

i curated a big list of beautiful kids art so that you don’t have to follow in my footsteps! i included lots of art pieces that feel both fun and whimsy for children, but also elevated enough that they could go almost anywhere in your house. i even found some cute modern sports themed art for you sports loving parents and kids.

where i shop for kids wall art

  • etsy — you can find such a giant range of pieces here, plus lots of digital downloads that don’t cost a lot
  • minted — lots of options too including some cute personalized ones
  • artfully walls — a great site for a bit more elevated and artistic pieces! and lots of beautiful frame options
  • society6 — affordable art from lots of different artists.
  • maisonette — just cute kids stuff in general
  • mixtiles — affordable art that requires no hanging! these just stick right to the wall.

tips for picking out kids wall art

make it feel like them (for the bigger kids)

you want their room to feel like their room! think about how to reflect their interests and include that throughout their space. you can get your kid involved in the process if they’re old enough.

here are some ideas to get you started:

  • interests (do they like a specific animal? elephants? trains?)
  • favorite colors
  • hobbies or sports
  • favorite stories or characters
  • favorite foods

from there you can put your own “spin” on the subject to make it feel more artistic or sophisticated — because you should love the space too!

consider the rest of the room

is their room painted a certain color? do you have lots of pattern? try to coordinate the art you choose with what’s happening throughout the room so it feels cohesive.

let the art grow with them

keep in mind that you (and they) might want to switch out the art as your kid grows, so you might not need to put pressure on yourself to find perfect “forever” art. part of the fun with this is watching how your kid’s space evolves with them and how their art reflects their changing interests over time.

with those tips in mind, i rounded up lots of art pieces that feel fun for kids — and hopefully for you too!

florals + fruit

animals + nature

artfully walls

bird farm


standing lion

artfully walls


pottery barn teen

paper wings


chasing paper

A to Z


alphabet print

artfully walls

a is for apple

the well appointed house

Blue ABCs with Floral Accents

artfully walls

Typeface Min Pin


artfully walls


the well appointed house

Watercolor Circus Ticket

artfully walls

let’s go!

artfully walls

sisters adventure

artfully walls

full moon

ocean + beach








literature + characters

personalized art

frames for kids wall art

some of these pieces come with framing options, but since lots of options these days are offered as digital downloads, i thought it’d be helpful to share some frames for your new art.

where to get kids wall art printed (and framed)

if you’re downloading prints you’re might want to get them professionally printed as well, here are some options i recommend!

  • framebridge – incredibly easy and really amazing quality.
  • simply framed – i’ve never used them before and can’t speak for the craftsmanship, but you can also print and frame together.
  • artifact uprising – really high quality framing and printing, prices can be high but they do sales pretty often!
  • mixtiles – mixtiles are a super unique style, they’re printed without any glass and can stick right to the wall without nails. obviously that makes them really easy to hang and reposition, but i did find it annoying to try to move one later on without having their proprietary sticky back.

i hope this post helped if you’re looking for beautiful art to hang in your child’s room!

and if your nursery or kid’s room has a theme and you’re looking for art you didn’t find here let me know! i love a good challenge.

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  1. This is the best round up!! Thank you for sharing all these gems

  2. Love all of these. Great picks!