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neutral holiday pajamas for kids


i got lots of requests for a holiday pj roundup this year, and can’t remember ever doing them in the past so i guess everyone is feeling EXTRA festive right now!!

you know i’ll usually lean towards the simple and minimal varieties of holiday pajamas (love me a simple pale red stripe haha), but i found some more fun ones that are still super cute and not bright red or green too!! aesthetic holiday pajamas for all!!!!!

love love these simple stars! $34 from colored organics

cute minimal-ish candy canes, these ones are fun but still feel simple! $10 at old navy

you don’t see cute hanukkah pajamas very often (or almost never?!) $27 from monica and andy

cute simple trees footed pajamas for the little toddlers and babies– $14 from burts bees

cutie cuteeee gingerbread pajamas– i love these ones! $40 by angel dear

and if you loved those but prefer pink — $40 by angel dear

i love these milk and cookies pjs!! i will say they run small though, we ordered a 5t (the largest size) for arlo and they’re too snug :( so these are better for the littler kids! they also come in pink here! $20

and another milk and cookie option — especially if your kid is bigger, they make these in lots of sizes and family matching too! $17 from burts bees

our favorite pajamas, these are so soft and inexpensive — and they have a green and white stripe and a red and white stripe (the red is called orange but it looks red enough to me!) $20 from amazon

the cutest!!! diy your own hanukkah pajamas (or if you were really serious about neutral you could just hide the markers from your kid or use your own neutral colors omg i would never do that how dare you accuse me lol) $38 from selfie clothing co

and the same but in christmas form!! $38 from selfie clothing co

so cute– simple pjs in the cutest sage green color (they also have a cute heather grey and a bright red if you’re into that sorta thing) — $18 from amazon

another fun hanukkah print! not inexpensive but quite cute — $46 from pbkids

very patterned but also really cute and easy on the eyes! $40 (on sale rn) from hanna andersson (and these ones have matching family pajamas!)

and another cute menorah pattern, also on sale $38 from hanna andersson
(these ones have matching family pajamas too)

the cutest red stripes! i love these so much but arlo is too big for them :( $38 from makemake organics

and cute simple evergreen trees?!?!! UGH I LOVE. buy these ones! $38 from makemake organics

not quite red, but red enough for our house haha– $20 from amazon

holiday pajamas… but ROBOTS?!?! $40 by biscuit

christmas cookies! these are cute and fun (but expensive!) $58 by petidoux

all these pajamas and very few santas!!! these are p cute though, $54 by sammy + nat

such cute woodsy and star pajamas and SO inexpensive– $15 at kohls

cute minimal reindeer pajamas — $43 from mori

a cute and festive santa print — $32 (on sale rn) from west elm kids

very cute flannel pjs with a cute retro print– and both white and black santa versions! $56 at pbk

love this simple print! they only have one piece pajamas but they’re v cute — $10 from carters


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