pretty everything : so many cute unique coffee mugs

i got a request to share some pretty mugs the other day, and then, as always, i got a bit carried away — so here are 19 mugs that are unique and special and would make such fun everyday mugs for your coffees and teas and cappuccinos and hot water with lemon and i’ll stop now!

i use the grid mug with the yellow handle every single day and i love it a lot, i find it kind of comforting to use the same mug i don’t know why (tbh i have two of them that i rotate between). and fyi the yellow handle came off after some time and now i like the mug even better!

k anyway hope you like them! just click on the mug to be taken to the link.

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  1. Yay, I love when you find all the pretty neutral-ly stuff for us!