printable watercolor bookmarks

printable watercolor bookmarks

i’m going to cincinnati, ohio today until sunday — so i’m saying goodbye early this week. my cousins kids are having a b’nai mitzvah so it’ll be a weekend long family reunion / party. hoping my down parka that i keep in storage will keep me warm!

here’s a confession : i never read books. ever. EVER. i took a book to hawaii last year with me and got halfway through. that was huge for me! when i was in high school i read all the time, but then i just stopped. it’s really bad. and you’ve seen my shelving. i own about 17,000 books. anyway — i’m always hopeful when i’m on an airplane that i’ll have nothing else to do but actually read so in honor of the attempt, i made myself some simple watercolor ombre bookmarks and i wanted to share with you too!

free printable watercolor bookmark

see that book right there? never read it. totally just a prop.

free printable watercolor bookmarks | almost makes perfect

anyone have suggestions on books that are so good you can’t put them down — even if you’re a non-reader?

my favorites are (were) invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk, breakfast of champions by kurt vonnegut and heartburn by nora ephron. pretty much the only books i got through in the last ten years.

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  1. Here is a book that I just couldn’t put down:
    The Yada Yada Prayer Group by neta Jackson

    I started out with keeping it in the car for when I had to wait in line to pick up my prescriptions, wait on a friend, etc. That didn’t last long. I had to take it with me EVERYWHERE. It was so hard to put down. This book may be more for the ladies – a good read.

    1. thanks susan! i’ll check it out!

  2. Beautiful bookmarks! I am an avid reader and book bouncer (reading multiple books at a time), so I’m always looking for nice bookmarks. Thanks for sharing! You have an excellent list of favorites there, by the way.

    I just finished reading the “Wildwood” trilogy by Colin Meloy (lead man of The Decemberists, who I also recommend to everyone, starting with their album The King is Dead). The “Wildwood” books are technically geared towards “young adults”, but I could not put them down; they were wonderful and so much fun.

    “Hyperbole and a Half” by Allie Brosh
    “The Hangman’s Daughter” by Oliver Pötzsch
    “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman
    Science Fiction:
    “A Scourge of Screamers” by Daniel F. Galouye
    “Pattern Recognition” by William Gibson (first of a trilogy, all good)
    “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury
    Graphic Novel:
    “Habibi” by Craig Thompson (not for the faint of heart)

  3. I LOVED the MaddAddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood. It’s got everything: dystopian futuristic drama, romance, genetically engineered quasi-humans…

  4. Read: The Bell Jar by: Silvia Plath. It’s honest and full of good imagery and humorously dark and self aware. I love it. I used to read a ton when I was younger too and don’t so much any more. This is the only full book ive read in AGES! and I’ve read it twice. So you should read it once at least.

  5. Those bookmarks are gorgeous! So much better than the old receipts or train tickets I usually use. I really loved The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, A Fine Romance by Susan Branch (if you’ve ever wanted to go to England this book is basically like a trip there), Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin (unexpectedly endearing, only read because Ginny Goodwin is in the movie), and Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I’m all over the place when it comes to books, really random things strike my fancy, but I have a ton of unfinished books as well!

  6. Currently reading The Goldfinch. It’s so gripping! Some other favorites: One Day by Dave Nicholls (maybe my favorite book ever. There’s a movie too but it’s not that great), Atonement (and the movie WAS great), Sweet Tooth (sort of lots of short stories in one novel form – the narrator reads them and so do you), and The Paris Wife (about Hemingway’s first wife and their life in Paris). I hope you find one that captures you!

    1. i keep hearing about the goldfinch! thanks for your suggestions paige! xx

  7. late to this party but both gone girl and goldfinch are great for inconsistent readers. i am one too and couldn’t put either down. especially gone girl/ love the blog

  8. Also a little late to the party but those 3 are on my loves list, so it looks like we’ve got similar taste.
    From two of those same authors my faves are:
    “Slapstick” – Kurt Vonnegut
    “Survivor” – Chuck Palahniuk
    “Surfacing” – Margaret Atwood

  9. Thank you for these lovely bookmark! 😀 I love Princess, and My Sister’s Keeper

  10. “The Alchemist” – By Paulo Coelho
    “The book thief” -By Markus Zusak

    Two of the best books i’ve read!

  11. These bookmarks are so good …..totallyin love with them.

  12. Hi,
    These book marks r perrrrrfect!,
    I found out about these at cutesy, well now I am following u, almost makes Cause u know… these r better ideas here, and u know I loooooovvvve reading… so like whenever I read mum calls me to do something so I just keep the book and run to help her, so when I come back I forget where I stop, so these bookmarks are really helpful. Thanks to