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  1. Lindsay-Jean says:

    I love these so much.

  2. Love the font! May I ask where it’s from?

    1. it’s just my handwriting! sorry! 🙁

      1. What?!? You have amazing handwriting!!

    1. it’s my handwriting! x

      1. Alison Carter says:

        Beautiful! Thank you for doing these and sharing them!

  3. 90’s rap is the best kind of rap. Seeing as I have no valentine’s this year I’ll just have to send these beauts to myself! x

  4. Love this . I always write cute lyrics like this on a post-it and leave them in my husbands car, lunch bag or golf bag hahaha.
    Thanks for sharing.


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  6. I love these so much, I have so much handwriting envy right now!

  7. Ah man I love this way more than I should! Gave me a giggle and a laugh and i’m saving them as surprise little cards to leave around the house for hubby!

  8. I just happened across these during my very last minute search for a V day card for the hubs, and these are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for creating and sharing them! Best. Valentines. Cards. Ever! <3