diy wrapped cords

diy cord makeover

i’m certainly not the first to wrap cords in other stuff (good ones here and here and here), but mostly i’ve seen DIYs done with extension cords. i personally don’t have a big extension cord problem in my house. i have a big white apple cord and camera cord and wacom tablet cord problem. specifically on my desk. so i decided i had WAY too many cords sitting around to not do anything about it.

but THEN – i was walking around aimlessly at home depot and saw that they started carrying the smaller version of the bungee rope i’ve always loved. i’ve been wanting to make something with the pretty bungee and now it came in convenient bracelet size. i was ready to go.

diy wrapped cords via almost makes perfectdiy wrapped cords tutorial



bare cords. duh.
bungee / twine / whatever
a needle
nylon thread
a lighter (for bungee ends)
lots of patience and good tv to watch

i did this DIY with the intention of it being removable in case i didn’t like it or the cats didn’t like it even more. so far the cats have been fine. so have i. so instead of using hot glue like i was planning, i used a needle and thread to secure the ends and tied the rest super super tightly. the ends are not the most beautiful thing but who looks at ends!?


step one . tie a small knot around the first end of your cord.

step two . sew the knot together a ton – if you’re using nylon thread, it’s practically invisible so don’t worry about how it looks. sew until it feels tight.

step three . sit there and wrap. do it really tightly and keep pushing towards the end you sewed.

step four . once you reach the end and have pushed the bungee or twine as far towards the other end as you can, keeping it all tight – tie a knot in the other end, cut and light with your lighter. sew to secure with your needle and thread.

diy bungee wrapped corddiy wrapped cords via almost makes perfect

i feel much better about my desk being cluttered with cords now.

diy cord makeover via almost makes perfect

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  1. Very cute! I’ve been meaning to do this with a lamp cord I dislike. Our apartment has very few outlets so almost all of our cords are visible by necessity.

    By the way, I love your site design! Very elegant. Did you design it yourself?

    1. + thanks marlene! funny that you mention it – a friend and i are starting a premade blog theme shop in the next few weeks hopefully. i’ll be posting about it once it’s ready!

  2. Thank you ,that looks better than the brought black plastic you can buy, My cat chews all cords and had to replace a few, so I will get some nice colours to do this