diy watercolor table numbers

diy watercolor table numbers | almost makes perfect

with the shower invites yesterday and this today, i decided it’s going to be wedding week on the blog! now that’s its summer, i need to buckle down and start checking DIYs off my list for the wedding in four months. so i started with something i’d thought of a few months ago and decided to make some prototypes. we have a lot of watercolor and ombre elements in the wedding, so i wanted to incorporate that into the tables. i originally was going to make these with wood blocks, but decided that glass water bottles can serve as functional as well.

these are so easy to make, but the best part is the rewarding feeling of removing the sticker.

diy glass bottle table numbers


glass water bottles (the cheapest i found were ikea)
vinyl number stickers (mine measure at 4″)
spray paint

diy table numbersdiy glass bottle table numbers


01 | after removing stickers and cleaning your bottles, dry them thoroughly. place a number onto the bottle as straight as you can. burnish it with your fingernail.

02 | in order to hang my bottle upside down to spray, i cut a hole into a cardboard box and placed the bottle in at an angle.

03 | lightly spray paint in a small spraying motions from far away, stop and check every few seconds to make sure you don’t overspray. i stayed at the bottom mostly and did just enough of the center to surround the number

04 | once dry, carefully and slowly remove the sticker.

diy watercolor bottle table numbers

i am so excited to have something done now! although after the RSVPs are returned, i’ll actually know how many tables we’ll have and will be creating a factory to make the remaining bottles. i’m also going to get some additional spray paint colors, and decide if i want to stick with multiple colors or just do one.

diy watercolor table numbers  |  almost makes perfectdiy watercolor table numbers  | almost makes perfectdiy watercolor table numbers

and lastly, 143.


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  1. Yaaaas! Wedding week. I will never get tired of your wedding posts. Keep it up. And the 143 crack at the end was the best.

  2. ooooh… these are so pretty! Your wedding is going to be gorgeous! If you had a second to come by and link up with us at The Makers link party over on my blog, that would be awesome. 🙂

  3. This is pure genius, and so pretty. It’s amazing to see you turning your talents towards your own wedding/engagement. : )

  4. Christina says:

    I love this! I always feel funny about having things for the sake of things, but these are also so functional. My wedding is 5 weeks away, and this is a project I feel like I still have time to do!

    Where did you get the vinyl numbers you used? I’m having trouble finding any that I like. Thanks!

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  7. What kind of spray paint is this? I have beenooking for mint forever and I like the green. Please advise the brand and color if possible.



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  9. This is such an awesome idea and I’ve had it pinned for ages to, well, copy! It goes with our watercolour theme beautifully. Just a question: we’re ordering the Chartpak vinyl numbers and it isn’t very clear how many of each number are in a pack. We have 22 tables so we’ll have to use a lot of 1’s. Are you able to reuse the numbers? Thanks!

  10. I really love this idea! So cute and easy! Love the different colours too.