what to watch for halloween on netflix

happy halloween! if you’re staying in and watching a movie — i’ve collected some of my favorites that are streaming on netflix instant. get some candy and do a movie marathon why doncha.

movies to watch on halloween on netflix

tucker and dale vs evil a really good horror comedy hybrid — if you like shaun of the dead you’ll like this.

let the right one in a swedish horror / romance about a young vampire

the stuff one of my favorite bad 80s horror movies, if you like campy ones — it’s a great one.

severance a british slasher / comedy about a company retreat getting attacked by killers

dead snow yet ANOTHER horror comedy – this is a norwegian movie about zombie nazis.

slither one of my favorites, it’s about these alien slugs that turn people into zombies. and it stars nathan fillion who i really like looking at.

the langoliers a lot less scary than most of these, and a lot weirder — this was a stephen king miniseries so it’s 3 hours and it has the weirdest diction and sayings you’ll ever hear. watch with subtitles and try to accept the worst CGI monsters for what they are. awesome.

american mary it’s about a girl trying to get through med school by becoming an underground plastic surgeon doing weird illegal procedures

the possession apparently people didn’t like this, but we did. like most exorcism movies but it’s the first one i’ve seen with jews instead of priests. and matisyahu.

the hole i recommend this one for the timid people who don’t like slashers, it’s about kids who find a hole in their basement that contains their deepest fears.

return to horror high another one of my favorite 80s b-movies, and it’s got maureen mccormick and a young george clooney!

hansel & gretel get baked i was turned off by the name of this, but it was actually pretty entertaining. post tons of surgery lara flynn boyle plays the witch, which is fun / uncomfortable to watch.

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  1. I hope you keep up with these types of posts even after Halloween! Most my blog combines my love of “horror culture” with my design and photography, and it’s really hard to find other lady bloggers that have the same interests once the rest of the year rolls around.

  2. Perfect! My parents are coming over to watch a scary movie, so im pretty sure this list will be passed around.

  3. I stumbled across your blog from the DIY color block clock floating around on Pinterest and have loved reading through your posts. I wish I would have stumbled upon this post yesterday as my husband and I were looking for just this list! We ended up watching “Satan’s Little Helper”…not good. And I’m usually totally down with the campy, cheesy horror movies.