DIY earring dome organizer

look! a DIY! there are a few things that inspired me to make this — i have so many stud earrings lying around waiting to get lost, i felt like making something very quickly during a nap, and i am really into pink rn. this project could not be easier or simpler, and i think it came out super cute!i’m not joking when i say it took me like 10 minutes. i would never joke about such a thing.


01. preheat your oven according to your clay instructions, condition and roll it into a ball.

02. using your roller, flatten out your ball — try to make sure you do it as evenly as possible so that it all stays one consistent thickness (mine is only somewhat even)

03. place it over the bottom of your bowl and gently press the sides down to take the rounded shape.

04. poke holes with your toothpick, flip it over and go through each hole the opposite way, and then flip it over again and make sure they all look good before baking.

05. bake according to directions and let cool. do a light sanding to get a soft texture — and i wanted a slight glossy finish, so i did one very light mist of spray shellac. like as in one spray across and that was it!

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  1. That’s very creative.
    Questions: would using a pin instead of toothpick work? The holes looks somewhat big. Are you using the studs to hold the earrings? Thanks

  2. DUDE! I was just about to make one of these for the blog. Now I don’t have to because yours is perfect.

  3. This is so creative. I can’t wait to make my own. 🙂

  4. Might have to try a big sized one for shop display! Thanks for the inspo!

  5. _Potato_blah says:

    This is absoulutkey amazing but one,question, how would you mount it on a wall?