arlo : three months

and now he’s 3 months old!

he is still my big huge chubby boy, he’s getting so heavy to carry around but at least it’s probably good exercise (and the only exercise i’m getting). what if my arms get super toned! that’d be cool.

he has been teething for weeks now, but seems like right now we’re doing ok with it — he sucks the shit out of his fists and my arm and i put an amber anklet on him everyday which honestly does seem to help maybe? who knows. tylenol works better. he’s usually bad at day time naps, but he sleeps at night like a champ. like 7-9 hour stretches. it’s amazing.

we’ve had some rough days this month, but i’m getting to know him better and how to deal with the meltdowns — a lot of them stem from excursions and the transition of being in the car and then coming home. he’s not one of those babies that sleeps in the car, he usually prefers to scream the whole. entire. way.

…but we’ve discovered his undying love for raffi, who can make even a horrible car ride more pleasant! it’s so funny to see him crying and try so hard to stay upset but the happiness comes tearing through. i listened to a ton of howard stern while i was pregnant so i thought howards voice would soothe him, but not as much as raffi — so i guess we’re just gonna be one of those cars where raffi is always playing.

he also now loves sitting on my lap facing out which is so cute that he’s gotten more curious and also it’s chill for me because i can sit and watch tv — which he seems to also like! he is getting much better at supporting his huge head, and i’m so excited for when he can sit up.

i’m almost an old pro at wearing him, which i find myself doing almost daily at witching hour, and it’s made life a lot easier. i go outside to get him to fall asleep and get fresh air for myself, and i’ve been able to start cooking dinners which is always so good for me to do. i feel so proud of myself when gid comes home and i’ve accomplished keeping arlo alive and cooking a meal!

but most of all, he is the happiest baby i’ve ever seen! he is so loving and sweet and joyful and fun and i am just madly in love!

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  1. Raising a baby may just be the toughest challenge you are facing now. I assure you Arlo is getting easier each day. He is becoming a
    Person more and more daily and that winning personality of his is truly remarkable. You and a Gideon are raising an awesome child. Bravo.

  2. Jason is just like Arlo! He NEVER sleeps in the car and prefers to cry through the whole ride. I usually shush him and either sung or stroke his head. Sometimes that works

  3. What kind of a wrap did you land on? I feel like I’m navigating some strange fabric-based origami every time I use a wrap and I’d love to hear what worked for you.

  4. Kudos to you mama. My Charley was the same way…hated day time sleep, but would really pull out all the stops at night and sleep like a champ. He was also a giant babe and my arms are falling off plz help he’s almost 30lbs and he just turned 1.


  5. OMG! My little cried murder in the car seat too! I was determined to make him like it so we would take a daily 5-10 minute drive through Starbucks where he would lose his mind! The poor girl at the window felt so sorry for me every time. One day he just stopped, but it was torture….. I too listened to Howard stern a lot while pregnant, and I let my subscription expire and I reinstated it in hopes that Howard would ease him too….. it didn’t! But he’s almost 4 months now and it’s been about a month…. good luck!

  6. Arlo is so cute! The amber necklaces work so well! Our daughter is 8 months now and has 6 teeth and we really had no issues with her teething, only the one week where we couldn’t find the necklace. When we found it things were fine and she wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night crying in pain. The amber necklaces work wonders! Also, instead of tylenol try coconut oil with a drop of clove essential oil to rub on his gums (we used this when we couldn’t find the amber necklace and it definitely helped).

  7. He’s adorable! When my son was about 3 weeks old, we discovered his love of Bob Marley. Every time he got upset on a car ride we would put it on and magically he would calm down. Hang in there! I felt like it definitely got easier once we hit the 6 month mark!

  8. Not to scare you away from carrying lovely chubby Arlo and cooking at the same time, but please do cover his skin while ‘carry&cook’. My daughter had a very painful experience when I was doing the same thing, she got burn marks from hot splashes. Luckily everything disappeared again after a couple of days, but I felt like the worst mom ever.