DIY air plant pots


DIY air plant pots | almost makes perfect DIY air plant pots | almost makes perfect

i looooove air plants because even if i kill them, they’re cheap enough to replace and keep like 20 scattered around the house. so i have a half of dozen planters and holders for them, but could always use more.

i found these doll heads that had flat bottoms and would stand up perfectly straight — and even though dip dying might be totally last year, i decided to dip dye. i was hoping they’d kind of look like little pieces of like, southwestern pottery, which they kind of do…?

DIY air plant pots | almost makes perfect


01. using your drill bit, drill 1″ holes in your doll heads. we used 2 bar clamps to grab the ball from all four sides, squeezing them tight around the sphere and weighing the ends down with dumbbells to hold the whole thing in place while we drilled. let the drill to the work and don’t press down too hard or you’ll get a lot of wobble. press slowly and lightly.

02. using a couple of little containers, fill them with varying amounts of water and dye. mix well.

03. dip your pot and each — i did different times for each, varying between 1-10 minutes at different levels to get them to come out with different patterns.

DIY air plant pots | almost makes perfect

they make the perfect little desktop accessories.

DIY air plant pots | almost makes perfect DIY air plant pots | almost makes perfect

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  1. Love the idea Molly, but seriously, in step one “if this is too hard, have a boy do it”?? Are you kidding me? Isn’t your site about diY, as in, yourself? What about some suggestions for using a clamp or something in that direction?

    1. The fact remains that most men are physically stronger than most women.
      This is her blog, if she wants to appreciate the strength of a male, then let her. Sheesh.

    2. Boys can be stronger than girls. My LITTLE brother is stronger than me. If I had any trouble, of course, I would ask him! And, don’t get on her case about writing her opinion on her blog!!!

  2. Such cool payoff for such inexpensive materials, thank you for sharing. Would be great to see shots of how you stabilized it, though, can’t really visualize it in my head!

    1. HI Sehilla!I found some wooden doll heads that I didn’t even need to drill in on Amazon!
      Darice 9150-94 Doll pinhead natural, 5/8 inch

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