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DIY marbled pinch bowls


DIY marbled pinch potour housewarming party | almost makes perfect

ok ok are you sick of the charcuterie posts yet? good me neither. 

the last thing i wanted to share with you was these marbled pinch bowls i made for the different salts on the table. these were so cute and simple to make, they’d be a perfect project for holiday tables too.

DIY marbled pinch bowls | almost makes perfect

i marbled them with nail polish in two different neutrals, but they’d also look cute with some color. you can get the how-to here!

DIY marbled pinch bowls | almost makes perfect

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  1. It’s so beautiful and so cute !
    What a great idea :)
    I know that are looking for people who know how to DIY etc
    recommend you to check it out …

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