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how we spend valentines day


when gid and i first started dating, we would get dressed up and go out to dinner, like most people do – on valentines day. but then we decided we were never doing that again. those crazy expensive prefixes and the huge crowds of people is just not our thing. so we made a new tradition a few years ago that we’d stay in and cook ourselves a fancy dinner in our pajamas. this year we decided on mussels. they’re so easy to make and they’re also really hard to screw up. want the recipe? ok i’ll post that too!

our valentines date night

urban outfitters asked us to show how we celebrate our love on valentines day, and i was so excited because i love UO as you guys know from years of wish lists. they have a pretty dope curated gift guide for valentines day this year, whether it be romantic records or gifts for him or gifts for you (you can just send it to your guy and let him choose)

i was also excited to have the excuse to clean up and show you a lot more of our apartment than you’ve ever seen.

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in case you and your valentine aren’t big on cooking — our other favorite valentines day date to avoid the crowds at restaurants… the early bird specials. no seriously. we went to a fancy restaurant one year at 5pm and not only was the prefixe menu like 50% cheaper, but we had the place to ourselves and every waiter was there for us, along with our own live music. (sadly, the restaurant was red o and they don’t seem to be doing early bird specials anymore)

valentines day night #loveuovalentines day night #loveuovday date night #loveuovday date night in #loveuovalentines day night | #loveuo



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  1. i love your post. my husband and i feel the same about v-day. we like staying in and cooking up something delicious and a little bit special for ourselves. thanks for sharing this — i love the hexagon marble cutting board and your home is so minimalist and modernly perfect.

  2. Yes; recipe please 🙂

  3. what a sweet post! cooking together is one of my favourite date night ideas

  4. Love everything about this, from those photos to the concept! We love to do a big fancy dinner out, but cooking in is one of our favorite date night ideas during the rest of the year. 🙂 I just wrote my first mussels recipe and it was simply incredible! Hope yours were too!

  5. Awesome photos and sounds like an awesome day. Have a wonderful time!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    My favorite thing to do with my fiance is to stay in and cook while drinking wine. Your apartment is beautiful and I love your clean aesthetic. Please do a home tour!! And where did you get your coffee table from?? I’m totally single white femaling your style : )

  7. Your home is so amazing! Love that open shelving in your kitchen! Heart eyes!

  8. Great way to spend valentines 😀

  9. Such beautifully crafted pics! So sweet to see an up close and personal look into your tradition! Now I need to find one for me and the hubby 🙂 lovely post!

  10. We do the same thing! Going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day just isn’t worth the trouble. We can go out any other day of the year, plus it gives us opportunities to try fancy recipes we might not otherwise take the time to make.

    P.S. I love your rug! Is it from West Elm, or Rugs USA? (They have two similar ones that I’ve been stalking.) Would you recommend it?

  11. Awwww, you look so adorable! And that’s such a great idea to spend Valentine’s Day in your pj’s and cook a dinner at home. Much more relaxing and cozy then going out and spend a lot of money in a fancy restaurant! Love it! Inge x

  12. so what’s the recipe!? 🙂