happy weekend


how are you guys?? starting to decorate for the holidays? i’ve been very sad that we didn’t have a place for a tree this year with most of the house covered in plastic during the kitchen reno, but we’ve decided that we’re just going to decorate the shit out of our bedroom where we spend all our time right now anyway. so we’re going to get a tree tonight and i’m happy. hope you guys have a good weekend! here are some fun links. 

for all you vanderpump fans

i’ve heard this rumor once before but i will get stoked every time

take this quiz to make yourself feel smart, it worked for me

real life meet cutes and how they panned out

10 crazy groupie stories

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  1. I absolutely love your grey black cream colored Aztec looking blanket comforter! I have been trying to find something like that to go in my apartment! Can you tell me where you got it from? I would really appreciate it!!

  2. We didn’t get a tree last year because our house was being renovated and we were living with my husband’s mom. It was a hard time, and a tree would have been nice and uplifting. This year we made sure to get a big one and it’s my favorite thing. Looking at it instantly puts me in a good mood. Glad you’re getting yours!