heading to tahoe

off to tahoe

even though i used to ski all the time when i was a kid on the east coast, i haven’t been in waaay over a decade. but today i’m heading to tahoe on my husbands company trip. we’re getting a snowboard lesson but i’m mostly going to be drinking cocoa and hopefully enjoying snow for the first time in years. if i never blog again, i totally died.

you might be wondering what this amazing vintage snowsuit is? it’s my failed attempt at finding an outfit for the weekend. i bought it and paid for expedited shipping to get here, but it is HUGE on me. so if you’re interested in buying it, please buy it from me. PLEASE. it’s a size small and if you’re interested, email me and i can give you more size + price details.

anyway, hope you have a great weekend! check out some links i like this week :

+ a really insightful article about copying + crediting
+ also, i love love love these beaded coasters
+ beautiful printable abstract gift wrap for your next gift
+ a pretty pattern to pretty up your desktop
+ perfect inexpensive valentines day gift idea
+ six hacks for homemade french fries
+ i kinda feel like i need a dozen of these
i’ve watched all of these — just wish they’d do them with more celebs i like (SJP + daniel radcliffe are my faves)

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  1. Lol that onesie is super boss! Have a fun trip 🙂

  2. Oh man, this is not still available is it? I have literally looked for a ski onesie for two years. I would pay you anything for this. I desperately want to ski like a retro weirdo.

    Love the blog too!