happy weekend

this week flew by for me even though i didn’t want it to, whenever there’s a ton to do it seems to go by way too fast. we’ve started working on our backyard, trying to get it in shape for actually using it this summer. we planted a tree and are killing the weeds and had a deck guy come over for a consult. looks like a deck isn’t happening yet, but we’re coming up with alternatives! blah blah blah have a good weekend!

⋅ love these DIY vases
⋅ millennials are food obsessed
such a cute and happy house tour
⋅ how cute is my girlfriend and her boyfriend and their apartment?
⋅ i’m so in love with this lamp
maybe my favorite side dish

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  1. Those braised leeks look super yummy. I’ve never eaten leeks like that before! I need to pump up my veggie game!

  2. I have two of those lamps and love them, do it!