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happy weekend


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struggled a little this week — i’m on a summer hiatus from my day job, which happens every year and i always think oh man i’m gonna be so productive when i’m not working those two days a week! but it doesn’t usually end up happening, and with a few DIY fails in a row, i’m having a little lack of inspiration. i go through lulls like this and snap out of them, so hopefully leaving this weekend will help inspire me.

as i said yesterday — gid, my brother, sister-in-law and i are heading to malibu for the weekend for a little getaway, and some much needed beach time. we’re staying in the raddest airbnb which i’ll show you guys on instagram if you’re following along! hope you all have a lovely weekend!

how to eat sushi like a pro sushi eater
⋅ we all use gmail and we all need this
⋅ cutest free printables to wrap up goodies
⋅ so i’ve watched 7+ of these shows, eek i’m really wasting my life.
how to be polite (or some refreshers for you polite people)
a simple + genius + gorgeous diy!
⋅ come check out fran’s amazing new venture
⋅ i know i’m addicted to bubbly water, had no idea everyone else was too!
⋅ in case you missed it, you can get 15% off daniel wellington watches until august 15 with code “makesperfect”

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  1. I always mix in wasabi with soy sauce and then put ginger on top of sushi piece. What’s wrong with that?

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