happy weekend

happy weekend

this week has been all about prepping for next week for me. my brother’s getting married next weekend and i’ve been getting my best man toast together, while kind of packing because i leave tuesday! my dad, stepmom and i are driving up to his wedding in wine country — we’re gonna stop to visit hearst castle and go to big sur for two nights. anyone have any recommendations?! let me know!

don’t worry though, i’ve changed and i was planning on taking a week off from the blog, but then i decided last minute to just setup a post for every day. next week is wedding week. i’m going to post all of the DIYs i did. all of them. get ready.

8 tips for a better looking blog
⋅ eva is aaaamazing.
⋅ can’t believe this is ikea. and i love ikea. and i still find it a big deal.
⋅ these would be perfect for a GNO
⋅ … or for this DIY
⋅ just in case you didn’t see this
⋅ someday i’ll have the space to make something like this
⋅ free this week and perfect for mockups!
⋅ obsessed with these.

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  1. I love your image! What type of paint/paint brush do you use to create this look?

    1. thanks bri! it’s watercolor!

  2. Big Sur Bakery for sure! To-die-for bread and stuff on toast.. best brunch spot. Big Sur Roadhouse is great for a nicer dinner. Nepenthe for sunset drinks on their patio looking over the ocean. Do all my recommendations have to do with food & drink?! …oh yeah, check out all the amazing scenery too 😉

  3. Go check out Treebones for their sushi bar! If you have already found a place to stay I highly recommend staying there to get off the grid (no cell service)! Also, Big Sur Bakery… of course there’s, McWay Falls, and Pfeiffer Beach. Have an amazing time, can’t wait to see your photos!

  4. Wow thank you so much for linking to my DIY, I just love your blog so much!!