happy weekend

lemons | almost makes perfect

it’s been suuuuper hot in LA this week, so once again – this weekend we’re going to probably duck out in all the AC we can. i never thought i’d want to wear a jacket again so bad. also – did you watch mr. robot?! i meant to say last week that if you’ve been meaning to watch it or not meaning to — watch it. it’s so so good. and i’ve got the biggest crush on elliot.

this DIY is so so gorgeous!
this is like, my favorite video… i know i say that all the time
love this simple office 
these are rad
a super cute lamp
cats are the best
these are beautiful and i want all of them
⋅ it’s not too late right?!?!
⋅ tinder for fonts

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  1. I keep hearing so much about Mr. Robot! I think I need to watch that soon.