happy weekend

cactus store | los angeles

oooooo yay it’s friday. have fun weekend plans? we’re seeing hannibal buress do comedy tonight! also have a few episodes of empire to catch up on. HAVE YOU WATCHED EMPIRE? i feel like i am now a spokesperson for the show, but dude. it is so fun to watch (as long as you embrace the cheesy-ness). here are some fun links to make your friday go by a little faster.

⋅ these DIY precious stone soaps are just so insanely good
⋅ $18 for molly jacques calligraphy? so in.
⋅ movie stars, they breath just like we do (maybe more)
⋅ love these minimal engagement shoots
⋅ really want to figure out a way to make a permanent one of these
⋅ people would think i was so fancy if i made this for a dinner party
⋅ better start watching before they go away
⋅ i cannot STOP listening to this song
⋅ and i cannot STOP watching this (and laughing hysterically)


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  1. Can you repost the Molly Jacques link? It seems to be the same as the Oscars link and I really want to know how I can get in on her action for $18!

    1. updated! sorry about that! x

  2. I LOVE being in this round up! Thanks so much for including me. I think you should make a paper flower mandala (and figure out a tutorial so I can do it as well!)

    Fran x