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i link you // 08

photographer dina fried created this photography series of meals entitled fictitious dishes inspired by famous books. guess which book inspired each meal (via buzzfeed)

i am such a sucker for wes anderson movies, i see a poster and i’m already in. actually i hear a title or premise and i’m in. well now there’s a trailer to watch. in in in in. ps when i first moved to la, i saw royal tenenbaums 4 times in the theatre — i had no friends. (via huffington post)

i’m in awe over these oil paintings by alyssa monk. i love how she does different water patterns on each one. (via the artful desperado)

i JUST threw away leftover buttermilk after i convinced my boyfriend i’d find a way to use the rest up. i didn’t, and it went bad. and now i see this of course. these three ways to use up leftover buttermilk sound gooood. and helpful. (via the savory)

love this mini mr. rogers costume and i love that it looks like he didn’t want to hold the puppets. (via oh happy day)

these easy clay pumpkins can be used as wine stoppers, drink toppers, whatever you could think of. my favorite DIYs are always the simplest. (via paper & stich)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out for my clay pumpkin DIY. And I love that Mr. Rogers costume from Oh Happy Day so much…I have it in a costume roundup for tomorrow. Adorable.

    1. britnni – i love your pumpkins! so versatile! xx

  2. Mini Mr. Rogers! So cute! And thank you for sharing that Wes Anderson poster/trailer. Swoon.