how to make your own instagram links in bio page

recently i realized it would be so helpful to have more links on my instagram bio, because i honestly spend way too big a portion of everyday referring people to shop my baby faves, shop my house, etc and it would be so much easier for me to have them all there — so i started looking into linktree and all of the alternatives and realized not only in order to customize them it would be $5 a month, but that it also basically takes the traffic away from your site which really seemed like a bummer. and not at all worth it.

since you do only get to have one link in your bio, it can be really limiting! i have lots of links to share! so i am so excited about having this now. it’s also easy enough that i can add temporary links or swap them out whenever i feel like it.

i am SO not wordpress or HTML savvy or anything like that, but i was able to make my own alternative in 10 minutes and it looks cute too! so i thought i would share how to do it in case you wanted to make one. the instructions are basically just to download this plugin, but hey if i can help one person then, like i’ve done my job.

(these instructions are for wordpress only, sorry!)

01. download the plugin “forget about shortcode buttons” and install.

02. create a new page, you can title it “links” or something similar. i named mine links for the URL but i left the title out so the page wouldn’t say links on it.

03. create your first button. choose your background color, and play around with your settings to get the look you want — i tried different sizes but decided the large size was best for mobile view. you can add icons (which kind of make them look more like buttons i think?) you can also save the button format if you want to use the same button over and over. i chose different colors and just used the same ones from my instagram highlights (HOW COHESIVE IS THAT?!)

that’s literally it lol. and here’s how the page looks! you can view it here but it looks better on mobile since i designed it to duh.

ok i hope this helped you! good luck!!

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  1. Genius. Why didn’t I think to do this?!

    What I especially love is its far more customizable than Link.tree would ever be, so in addition to being free and not having yet another service, it’s powered by me!

    My blog is in Squarespace, so I just made a blank page and filled it up with buttons to make a similar look – no need for a plugin. Easy as pie. Here’s how mine looks: https://www.thegoldhive.com/links