holiday gift guide : littles

i feel like i’m slacking already on gift guides, but here is the first one! i get asked for baby and kid gift ideas the most so i thought i’d start here 🙂 here are some things arlo loves and some things i really want to get him! 

01. we have plenty of ride-on toys now but how cute is this one?!
02. love this cute little star cushion (they have a cloud too)
03. arlo is OBSESSED with this record player, it is definitely in his top 3 toys
04. we love these gorgeous wooden car toys
05. deffo getting this guitar for him when he’s old enough
06. obsessed with the pattern of this beautiful flannel blanket
07. no such thing as too many pretty childrens books
08. just got arlo this shirt for xmas, i love it so much
09. love this police cruiser by candylab, their toy cars drive so smoothly!
10. we have been wanting to add this sloth to arlo’s stuffy collection
11. we have and love this moon picnic face puzzle
12. i want these manhattan blocks for me (and arlo can play with them too)

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  1. Nicole Van Nas says:

    I love your blog and your style. Thank you for posting!

  2. So cute! But can we get one for grown ups too?