fathers day gift guide 2021

is it just me or is there is always a struggle with dad gifts? they’re always so predictable. like suprise! here is yet another wallet! BUT some men love wallets so i included one hahah. i tried to keep this gift guide all ages, but i would say it did kind of turn out kind of geared towards a cool dad. so hopefully the dad you’re shopping for is cool, or will be cool after you shop for him here!

01. if they like hot coffee an ember mug is crucial (its temperature controlled!!)
02. i love the color of these sun faded french terry sweatpants 
03. loving all things smiley face at the moment, this hat included
04. a sonos speaker, duh
05. love these raen sunglasses and i feel like they’d look good on any dad
06. gid told me he’d rather one great knife than a knife set, so i picked this one
07. and for the very cool dad, a retro wood longboard 
08. i love the simple shape and look of this veg tan wallet 
09. these nikes could totally be dad sneakers, but they’re also cool dad sneakers
10. a leather cast iron pan handle cover that comes in a bunch of colorways
11. a smart jump rope!! what will they think of next!!?
12. for the nostalgic dad, a custom photo book of their family or fave vacations 
13. some woodsy cologne that also helps reduce cortisol!! 
14. really handsome wireless over the ear headphones that are super cushy on the ears
15. i love these waterproof binoculars for any nature loving dad 

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